Best Pre-Workout? Dynamic Formulas “Formula-1”

Some days I just am not motivated to go to the gym. I could be tired, lazy, or just feeling off that day. This is were Pre-Workout comes in.
Pre-workout gives you the energy, motivation, and explosiveness to have an incredible workout out.

Recently sent me a unit of Dynamic Forumals “Formula-1” to try out.

I love pre-workout supplements and I was excited to try this one out!
I was sent the Blue Raspberry flavor, and I think it taste great. Some supplements just taste terrible, but this one was pretty nice and not too overpowering with water.

I took Formula-1 before I left for the gym, which takes me about 15 or so minutes to get to. By the time I got to the gym, finished up my ab warm up, and got ready for my sets the pre-workout had kicked in.

I felt a solid extra energy boost, clear focus, great sustain, and just felt overall strong! I lifted chest and triceps for about two hours and this pre-workout helped me blast through all of my sets no problem.
I felt stronger and ready to add more reps to each set.

Some pre-workouts have left me feeling jittery and on edge, by Formula-1 felt like it had a really great balance. I didn’t necessarily feel like I was ready to rip the doors off the gym, but I didn’t want to rip off my skin from the side-effects either!
The Beta-alanine will give a slight tingling feeling when it first starts kicking in, but it is not quite the same as the itching feeling I got with some other pre-workouts.

This pre-workout has all of the great ingredients you want in it. It has two main complexes to help you have the best workouts. The Myotropic Priority Complex, is a fancy way of saying it works on your muscles! As well as the Extreme Energy Formula to give you all the energy you need to break all your limits and have the best workout yet.

Here  are some of the ingredient highlights:

  • Beta-alanine for extra amino acid to aid in muscle strength, endurance during your workouts, and increasing muscle mass.
  • Creatine Monohydrate, the tried and true supplement for lifting! Creatine can help increase lean muscle mass, increase muscular stamina, as well as increase muscular endurance.
  • L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate-  an amino acid that is proven to increased Nitric Oxide production in the body, which can increase blood flow to muscles and all parts of the body (get your pump on!). Research shows that this can also help athletes and body builders by increasing protein synthesis and energy production.
  • N-acetyl L-tyrosine- This amino acid has been shown to increase alertness, increase energy and focus.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous- caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, warding off drowsiness, dramatically increasing energy and restoring alertness. Everyone needs a little bit of caffeine in their life!

Ingredient facts taken from:

Overall, I really like this pre-workout. I feel like it is a well balanced supplement that helps you be stronger and lift longer, all while being more focused and alert.  All of this comes without a crash or any other negative side effects that I have seen so far.

I highly recommend this product!
I also did a little video review above as well.


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Dynamic Formulas: Formula-1

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