BEST STANDING DESK EVER? DIY Desk Setup Tour and Review

Watch the video above for the full run down of the setup!
Here is my Standing Desk and my setup-

1020548I am always looking for ways to stream line my workflow and add to my productivity.
I am about 6’4″ and have had some lower back problems. Sitting at a desk all day, even when I try to keep good posture, could really take a toll on my back. So I decided to look into standing desk options to help with my health and to help with my workflow.
Most of the options started at $300+ and I really wasn’t ready to pay that much! There was always the option to make my own, but for the sake of time and efficiency I decided to find a better option.

Then I found the-
Prepac Kurv Floating Desk in Black:

This is a “floating desk,” so typically you mount this to wall at normal desk height. Instead I mounted this at about 48″ tall, which makes the desk sit at my elbow height!
The desk is 42″ and only 19″ deep at the deepest point. This is great for me, keeping things minimal, taking up a small space, and overall looking great!
This desk has just the right amount of room to fit everything I need, but not take up a lot of space in my office.
I am very please with the quality, design, and functionality of this desk!

The desk also comes in Espresso and White if that is more your style:

For my monitor, I wanted something with a lot of screen real estate for productivity in design and video work. I went with:

AOC – 27″ IPS Frameless LED-Lit HD Monitor:

This monitor has been absolutely awesome! This is a IPS LED screen with great viewing angles, thin/almost non-existent bezels, great color reproduction and contrast. I am very happy with this monitor!
Sticking with the Budget theme, I got the monitor Refurbished, and I have no regrets.
To put the monitor closer to my standing eyesight I wanted to get a monitor stand. There are a lot of great options for monitor stands out there that are stylish, expensive, functional, or cheap.
I found a good mix of style, functionality, and price point-

Quirky Spacebar POP Monitor Stand and 6-Port USB Hub:

This is an amazing little stand that adds tons of functionality to your set up! This stand raises your monitor allowing you to utilize the space under (I keep my keyboard here). The front of the stand has 4 USB ports, 2 Fast charging USB ports(5v/2.1a) to charge up your devices, and 2 charge and sync USB 3.0 ports to connect things to your computer.
Around the back you have 2 more charge and sync USB 3.0 ports, as well as the AC port and a Mini-USB to connect the included USB 3.0 to your computer!
I have my speakers, mouse, and keyboard all routed through this dock. I use the fast charging ports to charge my phone while I work.
The stand is very sturdy and looks great!

It also comes in white:

Seeing as my MacBook Air is docked, I am not getting great sound out of it. So I wanted to find budget speakers that added to the setup-

Satechi Dual Sonic USB Speaker:

The Satechi Dual Sonic Speakers are an absolute great value! For only $25 you are getting a great little set of speakers. The are powered by USB, have awesome blue LED’s, and sound great for the size. These wont blow your mind, but they sound better than the stock MacBook Air speakers, are much louder, and look incredible. Overall, I am very happy with them.

They also come in white:

The workhorse of the setup-
Apple MacBook Air 13.3-Inch Laptop

The 2013 MacBook Air wasn’t exactly made to be a powerhouse of computing, but sleek and functional. The MacBook Air with 8gb of Ram has served me well these past three years. The SSD is quite fast, so I am able to edit videos and work with design programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with no problems. It can also edit videos in 4K, but don’t expect it to handle them with ease! With incremental updates to the design and performance over the years, you can pick one up for a great price right now! The MacBook Air is thin, looks and feels great, and does everything I need it to. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Twelve South BookArc- birch | desktop stand:
To hold my MacBook Air-

This is a great little Laptop Desktop Stand that allows me to put my MacBook Air up and out of the way on my desk. The bottom of the stand has small loops for some cable management, which I run my HDMI cable through.
This stand ads some extra aesthetics while helping better manage the space in your work space.
The stands are made of wood, or an aluminum version!

Espresso, Walnut, and Silver Aluminum versions:


Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

The mouse I use-

Well, actually I use the MX Performance mouse, but the MX Master is the new re-design!
The MX Performance looks great, extremely comfortable, and very usable. This mouse really does improve every day tasks. I recommend it to anyone.

There you go! A review, walk through, and overview of my Standing Desk Setup.

Have any questions, comments, etc? Let me know!

Shot on:
Panasonic LUMIX G7- 4K Camera:
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II:
Sigma 19mm f2.8 DN Lens Micro 4/3:

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