NEW Videos! Entering the World of Vlogging- Fitness Vlog.

So it begins! I have now started Vlogging. Making Fitness #Vlogs to be exact. I started an 8 Week Fitness plan in the quest to lose body fat percentage and gain muscle! These Vlogs will be Weekly updates (or more) with tips on nutrition, exercises, lifestyle help, and more documenting my efforts. The last few years I have been on … Read More

Best Pre-Workout? Dynamic Formulas “Formula-1”

Some days I just am not motivated to go to the gym. I could be tired, lazy, or just feeling off that day. This is were Pre-Workout comes in. Pre-workout gives you the energy, motivation, and explosiveness to have an incredible workout out. Recently sent me a unit of Dynamic Forumals “Formula-1” to try out. I love pre-workout supplements … Read More

JayBird BlueBuds X- My Favorite Wireless Headphones

I have been searching for the best quality Bluetooth headphones for quite a while now. Bluetooth earbuds can be a mixed bag. Some headphones have bad battery life, some lose connection easily, some are not comfortable or wont stay in your ear. Others, well they just sound terrible. JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphonesaddress all of these issues and one … Read More